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13th February 2017
Been in a mental health crisis at King’s A&E recently?
21st February 2017

Hate Crime: Don’t suffer in silence

If you are a victim of hate crime or you have witnessed an incident don’t stay silent – report it!

Hate Crime against a disabled person is wrong:

  • Verbal abuse (bullying someone or calling them names)
  • Physical abuse (punching, pushing, kicking or biting)
  • Threats (putting someone in fear of being harmed)
  • Or anything deliberately designed to cause harm or distress to someone who is disabled.

For emergencies contact the police on 999.

Further information and for someone to support you through the process of reporting of a Hate Crime, please contact the  Disability Advice Service Lambeth (DASL) on tel no: 020 7642 2054 or email:hatecrime@disabilitylambeth.org.uk

Click here for a poster which we are encouraging people to display in public places.







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