OHSEL responds to STP concerns
2nd March 2017
Going Home
7th March 2017

Worked up? Speak up

Health and care regulator, Care Quality Commmision (CQC) wants more older people, and their friends and families, to share their experiences of health and social care with them.

Research has shown that older people are less likely to complain about services and less aware of the different ways they can share their views.

However the CQC also knows that older people are the most regular users of health services. Two out of three people admitted to hospital and 70 per cent of hospital emergency beds are taken by those aged 65 and over. It’s vital that the voices of our growing elderly population are heard.

If you’re aged 60 or over and receiving care, or a friend or family member of someone who is, they want you to tell them about the care you’ve received, good or bad. Their inspectors can’t be everywhere at once and your information will help them decide when, where and what to inspect. By telling them about your experiences, you could stop poor care happening to someone else.


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