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4th April 2017
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10th April 2017

Encouraging GP practices and patient groups to take on our recs

Our recent Healthwatch Lambeth reports have highlighted patient experiences of visiting Lambeth’s GP surgeries, with a focus on those with mental health concerns and learning disabilities. Across two projects (GP mental health experiences and Right For Everyone), our trained volunteers and staff visited all 48 GP surgeries in Lambeth. As a result, we recommend that all GP surgeries in partnership with their Patient Participation Groups, work to address and implement the following:

  • Clearer signage in the larger health centres, and visible signposting towards quiet waiting areas and private rooms where available
  • Strategically organised information and signposting so that it is relevant, comprehensive, easy to read and clearly laid out into different health topics
  • Consideration of the physical layout of waiting rooms, including atmosphere and mobility issues
  • A consistent and clear standard of service for patients with learning disabilities and carers
  • Comprehensive and easily accessible mental health information on surgery websites.

Our reports and our recommendations

Right for Everyone: GP practices visits report

Seeking mental health support from a GP: Summary report






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