New hepatitis treatment for local people

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15th August 2017
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New hepatitis treatment for local people

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is using a new therapy in tablet form to treat hepatitis C in the local community.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through infected blood and if left untreated it can cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver.

Individuals who might have been exposed to hepatitis C, include those people who

  • received a blood transfusion before screening was introduced in 1991
  • received blood products before 1986
  • have injected drugs
  • received medical care with unsterilised equipment
  • were born or raised in a country with high prevalence of hepatitis C, including countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean
  • live in homeless hostels or are sleeping on the streets
  • are men who have sex with men.

Dr Kosh Agarwal, Consultant Liver Specialist at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Early detection of hepatitis C is vital. Testing is quick and simple, and access to the new treatment is straightforward. I’d urge anyone who thinks they might have been exposed to the hepatitis C virus or who is displaying symptoms, such as jaundice, extreme tiredness and stomach pain, to go to their GP and ask to be tested.”

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