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4th September 2017
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Help support victims of elder abuse

Action on Elder Abuse work shop and visit by elders seeing their key workers. Images to be used by Action on Elder only in connection with their work.

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) is a national organisation, based in London and operational across the UK. It has branches in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Their vision is a society which values older people and one in which they and other adults can live free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust. Where such abuse occurs, Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) seeks an environment in which it can be identified and addressed.

What is the Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Specialist Volunteering Service?

The objective is to provide a support network that assists clients in their recovery from elder abuse with the aim of putting the trauma behind them.

The positive impact of support offered to clients can be far reaching and the volunteer and client relationship can improve an elder client’s emotional, as well as physical wellbeing.

How does this Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Specialist Volunteering Service work?

It aims to combat neglect, reduce isolation, encourage reintegration back into the individual’s community, improve their confidence and assist them in regaining their independence.

Volunteers will support clients over the phone, or in person. Volunteers are matched with an EARS client and undertake regular activities to support the person’s recovery. These activities will range from weekly telephone support to escorting them on visits to social activities such as coffee mornings/lunch clubs etc.

All volunteers undergo specialist training by AEA. All volunteers will be trained to deliver support based on their skill set with the aim to assist EARS clients’ recovery in one or more types of elder abuse.

The reward for the Volunteer is the satisfaction in assisting a client through their journey. It is also hoped that volunteering will enable the volunteer’s opportunities to also grow and develop.

Their clients come from all walks of life – from the local community and are either self-referred, or referred through relatives, friends etc or through agencies, including adult social services.

The Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) Specialist Volunteering Service currently exists in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon.

For further information please contact: Lucia Ciolanel , Volunteer Coordinator for EARS London, email:

Tel: 020 88359294

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