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26th October 2017
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26th October 2017

Evaluating a free “empowering” course for unpaid carers

We have carried out an evaluation of a free course for unpaid carers in South East Lambeth developed by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The course was designed to enable carers to better support their loved ones and maintain their own wellbeing, ideally to reduce the need for unplanned service use.

Feedback from participants showed that the course had equipped people with practical caring skills such as handling, moving and non-verbal communication, and techniques for their own self-care.  Six weeks on, carers felt much more confident and empowered.

‘There were a good number of facilitators – it was a serious course, not lip service’ and ‘[The facilitators] were down to earth and answered in full – I felt free to ask questions’.

‘I’m now much more careful when helping my husband move over to his side of the bed and I hold and support him differently when walking with him’

Read more in our “Project evaluation report on Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Caring with Carers Course: adapted for a community setting”

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