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26th October 2017
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27th October 2017

GP’s delivering improvement despite facing “very real” pressure

Patient talking to GP

Health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission’s “The State of care in general practice in 2014 to 2017” report says GPs are delivering improvement and innovation despite facing “very real” pressure.

The CQC inspected all GPs across England and found that 90% of practices are rated as “good”, making the GP sector the highest rated health and social care sector.

CQC inspections are based on five key areas, safety, effectiveness, degree of caring, quality of leadership and responsiveness. A rating is given for each area and an average is taken to rate the practice overall.

Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector, CQC, says: “practice managers and other primary care staff should be commended for their efforts… we have found many practices are already delivering care in new and innovative ways to benefit their patients and the wider community.”

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