Review of children and young people mental health services
27th October 2017
Impact of the arts on black mental health
29th October 2017

We have a new Chair!

Interim Chair, Sarah Haspel (left) officially welcomed our new Chair, Dr Sarah Corlett to Healthwatch at our Annual General Meeting.

Sarah has been a Lambeth resident for 30 years and until January 2017, a longstanding member of the Lambeth Public Health team in the NHS and then local government.

She says:  “I believe there is only true partnership between people and services when the relationship is on an equal footing; where Lambeth people not only influence but control the services they receive.

We all need help at different times in our lives and as human beings should be able to rely on receiving the best possible quality of care and on being treated with kindness and respect, but we all need to be involved in making that happen. My commitment is two-fold; to ensure Healthwatch Lambeth stands up for people receiving health and social care services, and to work to ensure local people have the confidence and skills to create the change they want to see.”

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