Join in with Decembeard to raise awareness of bowel cancer

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24th October 2018
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4th November 2018

Join in with Decembeard to raise awareness of bowel cancer

More than 23,000 men are diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK each year, making it the third most common cancer in men. This December Bowel Cancer UK are launching Decembeard fundraising campaign.

All you need to do is clean shave on 30 November and let your facial fuzz grow throughout December. Already bearded? No problem – dye, ditch or decorate your beard to join the campaign.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. However, it shouldn’t be as it is treatable and curable if diagnosed early.

Get involved in Decembeard

Bowel cancer screening is offered to people aged 60 and should arrive in the post. If you want to know more about screening visit here.

More than 90% of people with bowel cancer have one of the following combinations of symptoms:

  • a persistent change in bowel habit – going more often, with looser stools and sometimes tummy (abdominal) pain
  • blood in the stools without other piles (haemorrhoids) symptoms – this makes it unlikely the cause is haemorrhoids
  • abdominal pain, discomfort or bloating always brought on by eating – sometimes resulting in a reduction in the amount of food eaten and weight loss

If you have any of these symptoms then speak with your GP. You can find out more about bowel cancer here.

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