Improving support in Lambeth for people bereaved or affected by suicide

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5th May 2019
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5th May 2019

Improving support in Lambeth for people bereaved or affected by suicide

Have you been bereaved or affected by suicide?

Suicide of a loved one is devastating for families, friends and others such as work colleagues. People often need personal, emotional and practical help and support but it can be confusing and difficult to find that help.

Working together with people who have been affected, we want to produce a Lambeth guide so that everyone can get the help they need. The guide will make sure that people in Lambeth who have been bereaved or affected by suicide get the right personal, emotional and practical support they need.

Together with Lambeth Cruse Bereavement Care, we want to develop a guide to help local people that is based on people’s actual experience. To do this we want to find out from friends and families what useful help and support they found and what they really needed but could not get.

How can you get involved?

If you have suffered bereavement or been affected by suicide we would be very grateful for your help.
There are two ways you can help, by completing an anonymous online survey, or by contacting us to join a small supportive design group.

You are warmly invited to our small and supportive group of people with similar experiences to design a new guide. We meet on the 13 May, then in June and July. The group is run by Lambeth Cruse Bereavement Care, for more details please call 020 7620 3999.

You can also help us by completing a short, confidential and anonymous online survey.
We are very grateful for any help you feel able to give.

We will launch the new local guide on Tuesday 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day.

If you have been affected by suicide and want to speak to someone, please contact the Samaritans.

Published 5 May 2019.

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