Covid-19 Vaccinations in Lambeth

The NHS is undertaking the largest vaccination programme in its history. Covid-19 vaccinations are currently being offered to people most at risk from coronavirus.
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The NHS is undertaking the largest vaccination programme in its history. Covid-19 vaccinations are currently being offered starting with people most at risk from coronavirus. The vaccine is now being offered to all adults aged 25 and over or who will turn 25 before 1 July 2021.

*Updated 16th June 2021*

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

Pregnant women will now be offered Covid vaccination following recent JCVI advice. Pregnant women who are in eligible cohorts, such as health and care staff members, carers or people with underlying health conditions, will be offered either the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine or the Moderna vaccine.  Public Health England has also published more information about Covid-19 and the vaccine in pregnancy: Read More

Eventually, everyone will be offered the vaccine to protect them from coronavirus. To reduce deaths and hospitalisations as much as possible, at first the vaccine is being offered to older people and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to the virus. There are a total of nine priority groups that the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation, an independent group of health experts that advise the government, have identified as part of this first 'phase' of the vaccine programme.

You can get the COVID-19 vaccine if:

  • you're aged 25 or over
  • you'll turn 25 before 1 July 2021

Book your vaccination with the NHS

Please continue to follow Government guidance, wear a mask, wash hands and keep a safe distance.

For up to date information on the Covid-19 vaccination in Lambeth, please visit the South-East London CCG website. The website will provide you with a range of information including leaflets, the latest guidance and frequently asked questions.

Or you can watch our Vaccine information videos below:

What happens when you go to get your vaccination
HWL Covid-19 Vaccination webinar


You can also download the pdf of our Q&A session below.

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Covid vaccine Q&A transcript

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