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We want to talk people living with any of the following:

-learning disabilities


-severe mental illness 

about their experience of staying healthy during the pandemic: 

  • How easy or difficult was it for you to access healthcare services?  

  • Did you get the support you need during lockdown?  

  • Were you able to get your annual health check? 

  • Were you offered covid-19 testing or the covid vaccination? 

How can I help? 

· We will ask you if you are happy to take part in a telephone or face to face interview 

· If you agree to take part, we will arrange for you to attend an interview by telephone or in person 

· The interview will be conducted by a Healthwatch Lambeth research trained staff member or volunteer 

Contact us and take part

For more infomation, email:

Natalia Sali

or phone:  07729 624 226

Download our project flier via the links below


Staying healthy flier autism
Staying healthy flier learning disabilities
Staying healthy flier mental illness

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You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas. Tell us your positive/negative feedback and experiences, and we'll use them to improve services. Your feedback is treated anonymously.

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