Have your say: Making Brixton streets safer & healthier

Healthier and safer streets in and around Brixton. Join the conversation to develop ideas for your neighbourhood. Currently engaging with people on Railton, Loughborough and Ferndale Neighbourhoods.
brixton liveable neighbourhood consultation

The Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood is a programme funded by Lambeth Council, The Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL).


The project is about responding to the climate emergency, dealing with London's air quality crisis, trying to end injuries and deaths in London from road traffic collisions by making our streets safer and healthier places for everyone. It is part of Lambeth's efforts to allow people to live healthier lives and create better places for everyone to enjoy.

The focus are the neighbourhoods within ten/fifteen minute walk of Brixton town Centre, and the town centre itself. It proposes to create ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ in adjacent residential areas that link communities together and ‘healthy routes’ for walking and cycling.

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Do you live, work or regularly pass through Railton, Loughborough or Ferndale? Share your views on what changes you'd like to see in the area to enable you and your loved ones to navigate the streets more safely and with healthier routes. 

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