Care Quality Commission and Healthwatch "Because We All Care" campaign is looking for case studies

Would you be happy to share your experience about raising concerns about care?  Healthwatch and the CQC want to hear from people over 55, carers and people with learning disabilities about their experience of healthcare services during COVID-19.
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We are supporting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Healthwatch England with their Because We All Care campaign to support and encourage more people in England to feedback on health or social care services they or a loved one have experienced. The campaign seeks to help understand the impact COVID-19 and the additional pressures placed on health and social care services.

We’ll highlight the importance of feeding back about care and how this can help improve care for others.

Research will have a strong focus on findings for the following population groups:

· People aged over 55

· Carers including unpaid carers

· People with a learning disability and/ or autism

We are keen to show stories from a diverse range of people, especially people from a black or ethnic minority background.

The campaign aims to: 

· Raise awareness of CQC, Healthwatch and the network, and how people can feedback about their care or that of a loved one.

· Encourage people to share their experiences of care with to support services to improve

· Encourage people to speak up when the have concerns with their care  


How you can help 

To support the campaign, we’re looking for people who would be happy to share their recent experience of feeding back about care.

We’re looking for people with a range of experience including that as a parent, carer or advocate.

Experience could include: 

  • People who are in the process of, or have raised a recent concern about their care or a loved one – who wants to share their advice and tips with other people 
  • People who have raised a concern and about the care/a love one received which resulted in a positive impact and want to share the importance of speaking up – to help themselves/ loved one and others

Getting in touch 

If you are interested in participating, either with a written story or participating in a filmed interview, please get in touch with the following information:  

Name, age, where you are from and a short summary of your experiences, highlighting anything you think would be particularly interesting to other people who may be exploring how best to raise a concern. In your summary please can you include: 

  • Your name, age and where in the country you are from 
  • What you concern was about and when you had it – e.g. in the last 2 months or a year ago 
  • If you complained / raised your concern and if so how and with who, and what the subsequent action was 
  • If not, what prevented you from speaking-up at the time? E.g. you didn’t know how or didn’t think your complaint would make any difference  
  • What advice you may give to people in your position? E.g. raising concerns can have a positive impact on care  

If you are interested in participating or would like any further information please contact Natalia Sali:

020 7274 8522


You can download our campaign fliers here:

"Because we all care" Carers flier
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Because we all care A4 poster

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