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Healthwatch across south-east London are aware of the sale in Feb 2021 by AT Medics of 8 GP surgeries to Operose Health, owned by US private healthcare company Centene Corporation, and the media interest this has generated.
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Required regulatory procedures have been followed, and consent has been given by south-east London Clinical Commissioning Group.  In line with all GP practices – AT Medics will continue to be regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.


Contractual arrangements with the NHS have not changed and services to patients will not be affected.


Healthwatch Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark have worked with AT Medics on primary care projects in the past and will continue to engage with local people and patients on the quality of care provided by these services.  Any patients who would like to feedback on their experiences and health outcomes from any health or care service are invited to contact us by phone, email or by using the contact us form on our website: 

020 7274 8522

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