Enter & View: King's College NHS Foundation Trust - Paediatric Ward

This Enter and View project aimed to understand how ‘youth-friendly’ the services at King’s College Hospital from the perspective of young people interviewers, patients and their families, and staff.
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As most families in Lambeth use the hospital, we feel that it is important to ascertain their views in order to influence improvements and eventually have better experience of KCH services.  Fifteen young people visited three wards at King’s College Hospital (KCH) on 18 October 2018. They visited the Adults Emergency Department; Paediatric Emergency Department and its waiting area; and Katherine Monk Ward where young people aged 16-19 years old are assessed. They interviewed 12 people (5 staff, 5 relatives, and 2 patients) as well as observed the environment, facilities, and information and communication materials.

Key findings

  • Relatives and patients said that the quality of services is of good quality.
  • the staff are easy to talk to and are approachable, and that they don’t hesitate to ask them questions. 
  • The staff said that they are happy with teamwork with colleagues and also work with other hospitals. They said that they feel they are listened to and their suggestions on how to improve the service are being considered. 

The environment was found to be welcoming, safe, and well maintained. Basic necessities are being provided and there is a wide range of activities for young children However, It was felt that the focus was on younger children and that there was nothing for older children, teens, and parents. the overall experience of care and staff attitude are of good quality. There are things to be improved in communication, engagement, and entertainment.


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