Enter & View: Evelina London Kidney Transplant Unit

The visit was aimed at understanding how ‘children and youth-friendly’ the services at Evelina London from the views of patients, relatives, and staff.
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The visit explores the support children and young people receive in preparation for their move to adult kidney service. The visit is specifically aimed at listening to young people who are 12 years old and older. Four young people visited the Kidney Transplant Clinic at Evelina London in February 2019. They interviewed 13 people: 6 patients, 4 relatives and 3 staff. They also observed the environment, facilities, and looked at information and communication materials. 

​​​​​​Key findings

  • Relatives and patients said that the quality of services is excellent and they appreciate the engagement with the staff and specialists. 

  • Patients and relatives find the staff friendly, professional, and approachable. They said that they would not hesitate to ask any questions.

  • That good quality care and the opportunity to participate are the aspects that matter most to them. It appears that those are being achieved.

In summary, the overall experience of care and staff attitude are of good quality. Patients and relatives also felt that they are being engaged in decisions about the patients’ care and that they feel they can approach the staff if they need to ask questions. The four young people enter and View representatives recommended some areas for improvement. Such as, Evelina London can improve the communication about transition so that patients and relatives will relate the service they receive with the young person’s preparation for transfer to adult kidney service. 


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