Thumbs up for our local dementia action plan

Lambeth Dementia Action Alliance is a network of local organisations, services and businesses that are working to make Lambeth more dementia friendly.
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This is a very caring and proactive plan.
— Survey response

The Lambeth Dementia Action Alliance

Lambeth Dementia Action Alliance (LDAA) is a network of local organisations, services and businesses that are working to make Lambeth more dementia friendly.

Following a workshop hosted by Age UK Lambeth in October 2017 participants decided to form the Lambeth Dementia Action Alliance and bring together local organisations committed to making Lambeth a ‘dementia friendly community’ by 2023. It has a network representing 20 or so organisations who meet at least twice a year. The LDAA welcomes all organisations who want to become dementia friendly. 

A proposed three-year action for the Lambeth DAA

Between May and June 2019, Healthwatch ran a consultation for the DAA on its proposed three-year action plan.  Of the 60 responses received, 87% agreed with the five proposed priorities and related actions:

Priority 1. Increase awareness and understanding of dementia and the risk factors – particularly among Lambeth’s African and Caribbean communities and younger people

Priority 2. Ensure a good spread of dementia-friendly social and leisure activities and facilities across the borough

Priority 3. Increase the number of dementia-friendly Lambeth businesses and services 

Priority 4. Encourage coordinated dementia-friendly health and care in Lambeth primary, secondary and social care services, including carers support

Priority 5. Develop the DAA with local residents and partners, and communicate its work

Some concerns were raised

While the plan received a general thumbs up, people raised a number of concerns they would like the plan to address such as:

  • Supporting people who are house-bound or living alone
  • Recognising the different stages of dementia and changing support needs
  • Involving transport bodies in the Alliance.

Next steps

Following the consultation, a DAA steering group has been set up to drive the action plan, with coordinator support from a Lambeth joint commissioner.  Healthwatch is a member of the steering group.  

In response to the consultation feedback above, the steering group will:

  • Explore the possibility of trialling a new leaflet of dementia friendly activities as part of care coordination test projects for people with several long-term conditions or in their last years of life (including those who are house-bound)
  • Develop information on delirium to include in Dementia Friends sessions as it poses a key risk for people living with dementia but the symptoms can be mistaken for an advance in the dementia
  • Approach Transport for London as a first step to engage local transport providers.

If you would like to know more about the Lambeth DAA please contact

Chair: Jackie Meldrum 

or Co-ordinator: Sophie Keenleyside  

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