Addressing food poverty in Lambeth webinar

We held a webinar on 23rd February with representatives of Public Health Lambeth to discuss action on food poverty in Lambeth.
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We had 31 people attend our webinar on 23rd February to listen to representatives from Public Health Lambeth talk about the Food Poverty & Insecurity Action Plan 2021-2024. The feedback was positive, 89% of people who attend found it Extremely Useful/Useful and 100% of attendees felt the information provided during the webinar had helped them decide whether or not to take part in the consultation.

The Lambeth Food Poverty and Insecurity Action for 2021 – 2024 builds on the work done by a large number of local voluntary and community organisations to tackle food poverty and insecurity in the borough. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March last year, the council in partnership with the sector was able to swiftly set up arrangements to ensure vulnerable residents had access to nutritious food.

The Council has maintained regular contact with these organisations to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the challenges faced and that the council can provide as much support as possible. This has resulted in:

-A new surplus food co-ordination and distribution service run by Healthy Living Platform from February 1 taking account of the needs of our diverse communities and commitment to providing nutritious food
Building close working with FareShare to ensure that wherever possible the surplus food received takes account of religious and cultural needs

-Set up the £50,000 Fridge and Freezer Fund set up to support small VCS to provide a wider range surplus and other food

-Established the My Community Helpline to sign post residents to a wide range of support including access to food as well as welfare advice, grants to assist with other urgent needs. Available via Gateway on 0333 360 3700 or email

-Emergency food arrangements put in place during festive bank holidays

-Ensuring that vulnerable families have access to free school meal vouchers

-Compiling a list of free resources and support that those in food distribution can benefit from, including free food hygiene and safeguarding training and funding opportunities 

Watch the webinar recording below

HWL Food Poverty webinar

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