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The Right for Everyone project was a partnership initiative to investigate how well community health services work for people with learning disabilities. We looked at dental services, GP practices, pharmacy, foot clinics and opticians.
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Right for Everyone Programme

The Right for Everyone programme which ran from autumn 2015 to 2017, was a partnership initiative with the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly and Lambeth Mencap, supported by NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group. The project involved training learning disabled adults to become Enter and View visitors in order to visit healthy living pharmacies, GP practices, dentists, opticians and foot clinic to see how accessible services is,the quality of information and advice provided for dealing with long-term conditions and how the kind the service is.

We focused on services for people with learning disabilities because there is wideranging evidence of inequalities experienced by this user group in accessing and receiving healthcare. Our visits aimed to assess: 

  • how accessible the service is
  • the quality of information and advice provided
  • how kind the service is. 

We hope the programme will help drive improvements to make services not only right for learning disabled adults but 'right for everyone'.

Why learning disabilities?

We chose to focus on the issues adults with learning disabilities face when accessing community services because according to Mencap, the learning disability charity:

  • people with a learning disability are 50 times more likely to die aged under 50 than other people
  • four times as many people with a learning disability die of preventable causes as people in the general population
  • 75% of GPs have received no training to treat people with a learning disability.


Read our reports on experiences of people with learning disabilities below to learn what we found. 

If you need this report in a different format, please contact us


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Visits to 3 chain pharmacies during autumn 2017
Visits to 2 foot clinics during summer 2017
Visits to 8 opticians during May and June 2017
Visits to 8 dental practices during spring 2017
Visits to 19 GP practices during autumn 2016

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