Finding our way around King's College Hospital

In February 2018, three teams visited Kings College Hospital to assess effectiveness and accessibility of signage for people with learning disabilities within the grounds and hospital.
Kings college hospital sign

The teams were made up of:

  • people with learning disabilities
  • all members of the Lambeth Learning Disabilities Assembly
  • Healthwatch Lambeth's Right for Everyone Enter and View team

The 3 teams had different trial routes to explore how good their experience of signage in the hospital would be. The aim was to find out whether people could find their way around in the hospital easily, including:

  • How easy it is to get there
  • How easy it is to navigate around inside the hospital
  • How safe and comfortable the environment is

Key findings

  • External Signage: Finding A & E was mostly clear and easy, but cafés, toilet and disabled access ramps signage were not evident externally

  • Internal Signage: Most internal signage was colourful, eye catching, good font style and size, colour coding for wards, and generally of good height however it was noted some could be a bit lower to accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Details from specific Journeys: Some journey signs were confusing. 

We made a series of recommendations at the end of this report. The recommendations were well recieved by staff and they developed a plan to improve signage across the hosptial site. 

At the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly Forum meeting in April 2018, Lucy and Lynne from Kings College Hospital came to talk to the group about what they are doing to make thigns better at the hospital for people with learning disabilities. 

For information on what the hospital is doing to better support people with learning disabilities, read more here.


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