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Here you can find all past issues of the LLDA newsletter. The newsletter has useful information for Lambeth people with Learning disabilities. It also introduces new services and talks about issues that local people with learning disabilities share.
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The LLDA Newsletter

The newsletter is produced by Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly (LLDA) members, for members. Its aim is to promote ownership and to address inequalities from the roots – by engaging members  to create their own stories.

It started in 2018 when the LLDA were awarded a small grant by the London Community Foundation to co-ordinate a Newsletter Production Group. The Production team is made up of members with learning disabilities, who have been trained to be service user journalists. The newsletter gives members have access to relevant and useful information to stay well and healthy. It also works as the minutes of the latest forum, to keep members informed about the work and progress the LLDA makes. It is produced in an accessible, learning disability friendly format.

We want to promote the idea that creating accessible, friendly information does not need to be a tedious task, and that it can actually a very enjoyable, enriching activity for everyone involved.

Another outcome of the project was that it made the LLDA members who took part happy. The chair of the LLDA said: “We are always being described as service users. We are never described as people who can help shape services to be better for everyone.” We continue to fundraise for opportunities for local people with learning disabilities to do things together and be able to create an impact.

Past issues

Read the past issues of the LLDA newsletter here:

Issue 8: July 2019
Issue 7: June 2019
Issue 6: February / March 2019
Issue 5: December 2018
Issue 4: August 2018
Issue 3: June 2018

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