About the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly (LLDA)

Lambeth Equalities Commission recommends that people with learning disabilities and their carers should have a say in decisions that affect them and to have an equal chance to make the most of their lives. We are committed to help make that happen.

The Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly (LLDA) aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities and their carers have a say in decisions that affect them, and an equal chance to make the most of their lives and talents.

The Assembly meets four times a year and holds Annual General Meetings. They also hold bi-monthly forum meetings in various places across the borough. The forum meetings are there to learn about useful services, local updates and talk about things that matter to the members. 

Members said that attending the Assembly and being part of the planning team helped people to ‘stay happy’. 

The LLDA Newsletter

The newsletter is produced by LLDA members, for members. Its aim is to promote ownership and to address inequalities from the roots – by engaging members  to create their own stories.

The newsletter gives members have access to relevant and useful information to stay well and healthy. It also works as the minutes of the latest forum, to keep members informed about the work and progress the LLDA makes. It is produced in an accessible, learning disability friendly format.

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Finding our way around King's College Hospital

In February 2018, three teams visited Kings College Hospital to assess effectiveness and accessibility of signage for people with learning disabilities within the grounds and hospital. The teams explored how good their experience of signage in the hospital would be. The aim was to find out whether people could find their way aroudn in the hospital easily. 

Read the report here

Right for Everyone Programme

The Right for Everyone programme which ran from autumn 2015 to 2017, was a partnership initiative with the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly and Lambeth Mencap, supported by NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group. The project involved training learning disabled adults to become Enter and View visitors in order to visit healthy living pharmacies, GP practices, dentists, opticians and foot clinic to see how accessible services is,the quality of information and advice provided for dealing with long-term conditions and how the kind the service is. 

Read the reports here

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