Our Annual Report 2020-21

Find out in our Annual Report about how we have made a difference for people in Lambeth, our resources and how we have engaged and supported people in 2020-21.
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Over the past year our projects, recommendations, information services and volunteer program have:

•Helped to increase numbers of children in care receiving their initial health assessment on time.
•Increased knowledge and awareness of the importance of recording future care and treatment wishes as well as opportunities to do so.
•Led to further work on home care services with Lambeth Council involving residents in the decision-making process about the council’s future home care service provision.
•Increased recognition among local maternity providers about the impact of maternity service reorganisation on the mental wellbeing of women and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
•Improved knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 vaccine helped people to make their decisions during the distribution in the borough of Lambeth.
•Collaborated with Lambeth Council to set up ‘Team Lambeth,’ a community led response to meet the needs of people shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic. We coordinated 1600 volunteers to deliver shopping, medicines and information to their homes and extend support to community and voluntary organisations.
•Improved the knowledge and skills of our volunteers through training and enabled them to support us with carrying out interviews, data analysis and writing reports. 

Our other achievements include

•Sharing insight alongside Healthwatch Greenwich and Lewisham on the experiences of Black and Asian communities in SE London during the COVID-19 pandemic to shape the work programme of the CCG’s Equalities Steering Group.
•Collaborating with the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly to bring together adults with learning disabilities and their carers to learn about COVID-19, testing and the vaccine.
•Successful transition to remote working throughout the pandemic to allow us to continue our work.

Our year in numbers

We published 9 reports about the improvements people would like to see to health and social care services. From this, we made 24 recommendations for improvement.

37 % of recommendations we made last year have been acted upon, at the point where we reviewed progress including:

•Better health and care provision for people with mental health conditions.
•Improved communication between children social care and Mary Sheridan Centre.
•Comprehensive induction program and training for social workers working with Looked After Children.
•Care home recommissioning incorporates service users engagement in the tendering process.
•Plan to incorporate workshop recommendations for inpatient mental health support service at Kings College Hospital.

6 case studies and videos for the Care Quality Commission to encourage people to have a voice and raise their concerns. With the project, we also strengthened our partnership with Age UK, Carers Hub, Learning Disability Assembly in proactively encouraging service users to speak about their experience of health and care.

How we work

Find out about our resources and how we have engaged and supported people in 2020-21.

  • 17 of our 44 volunteers helped us to carry out our work.
  • Volunteers gave 32 days of their time
  • We employ 8 staff 50% of whom work full time. Our roles cover our engagement work, volunteer coordination, operations, management and a dedicated role to help us demonstrate the difference we make through our activities.
  • We received £269,615 in funding from our local authority in 2020-21, including a contract variation for volunteer co-ordination and a grant for the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly.  This is the same funding as the previous year.

Download the full report

Read our full Annual Report here. If you need this report in a different format, please email info@healthwatchlambeth.org.uk or call 020 7274 8522 .

HWL Annual Report 2020-21

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